Thursday, December 1, 2011


Lately I've been pretty busy.  I've got an extra job now, nights and weekends working at a chinese restaurant close to home.  It helps me pay for the necessary extra shit that comes up.  Right now it's tires and work on the car mostly.  Working 70+ hours a week consistently would seem a bit much to most I suppose but it's not all that bad.  Lesson learned from growing up welding and working in the steel factory with my family is hard work.  I believe in dreams but I also believe that this is a practical world and if you want something you've got to work for it.  The feeling you get working for what you have is unexplainable.  The clothes on my back, my bills, my hobbies, taking the misses to go out, I've worked for those things and I'm glad I did.  I enjoy owning the things I have and working for the things I want.  

Also, I've acquired a ring last week.  Marriage is in the works and I'm excited about it.

I'll be moving downtown to the rivermarket in early January and if everything works out I'll have a warehouse space in a huge old brick building in the west bottoms to work out of with a cool dude I met on craigslist oddly enough.  I'm super pumped to have a real space to work on stuff and not have to spend my nights working at odd jobs but just doing whatever it is that inspires me. Whether it's motorcycles, cars, the skateboard, bicycles, throwing knives, crossbow or whatever else that comes up, I'll be a happy dude. Always am. 
 Cherry needs some serious TLC but I think she understands my situation.  Come spring I'll hopefully have a fresh coat of paint, lowered shocks, and completely changed rear section/bars and risers. 

I don't always have to wear the silly hat.  Theres nothing in the wok now but I am on my way to becoming a fried rice/chow mein/chicken and pork expert!


  1. glad you like it, I'll get ya one for christmas, but you have to wear it.

  2. Honest work, good values. True American

  3. Your a rare breed dude...everybody seems to want a hand out. Its good to know there are people that don't mind doing whatever they have to make ends meet and appreciate the little things they have. Its pretty rad to see some people haven't lost that mentality...

  4. Thanks fellas, I do what I can anyways!