Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fuck deer.

Hands down, the fastest thing that's ever happened to me. Doing about 55, riding by a guardrail through some trees, deer pops over in front of the Ironhead and BAM. Dead silence for a split second, I hit the pavement on my back/left shoulder and then the scraping sound from the bike sliding down the road. I didn't have time to feel a thing or form a complete thought. I just remember trying to get myself to stop sliding and rolling down the pavement but I had no control. I ended up on my hands and knees facing the pavement. Luckily for me an old farmer was following me in his pickup when this happened and he came over, got the bike off the road and called the police for me.

I'm fucking proud of the Ironhead. Now I know old Harleys, well Harleys in general catch alot of shit about being shitty bikes. Especially the AMF era Harleys. Also, especially sportsters. After this whole incident I was actually able to ride the fuckin thing home. No front brake, bars all out front and weird but thats really the worst of it and she made it home. I made it home. I'm a little scraped up and sore as fuck, but I'm one happy dude.

Also. I was wearing a lid but my lid never touched the ground. My gloves and backpack saved my ass. I am now a backpack and glove supporter.


  1. Glad you're ok and now you've got a tale to tell!

  2. glad to hear you made it home brother..its crazy when it happens, wondering if you'll ever stop sliding..