Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Put your party pants on...

...because it's Tuesday! Today we will celebrate not spending any money. Some hackerman got my to my card and she had to go. Tryin' to reserve a fancy hotel in Aruba or some shit. Good thing I bank at a small bank, they called me up this morning and said, "Hey Jimmy, we saw on your card you're reserving a hotel in Aruba for 600 bucks?" Fuck no that ain't me!...and I didn't have to pay that shit, but I did have to annihilate the card. I was wondering why everyone has been declining my card the last few days, I just figured I was broke again! Also, for future reference, I thought the Budweiser 40 oz would be a good idea but I realized it is not. A quarter down and it's warm as fuck already. Good night.

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