Wednesday, August 31, 2011

$2 Lid

Next door to the girlfriend's grandma's house lived an old hoarder. That hoarder died. They were going to hold an auction the next week for all of his stuff. 6 foot piles of stuff all over the yard, required a skidloader to separate the shit. I walked over and took a look and found this. It's a Comet Deluxe by Nesco, '50's or '60's. Has a few different visors with it, the bubble shield is some super thick lexan. Came in the original packaging, plastic and foam, unopened. Of course I had to open it and put it on. It'll be used eventually. All for $2.


  1. took ya long enough to post this! LOL! that's a cool f'n lid though!

  2. That is amazing! Still in the plastic and everything...

  3. well, its in the plastic but its been opened. Oh well though, I'm not going to sell it or anything so it doesn't really matter to me! I'm thinking I may put that bubble shield to use, definetly my favorite part of the deal