Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bachelor party

Headed back home this past weekend for one of my best friends bachelors party. The party he had his way, out in the country of course. None of the pics are of the party, I left the camera at home in anticipation of the usual redneck shenanigans. I know I would have ended up with a broken camera. Just some random shots from the day/night before. Anyways...

What I learned this weekend:

1. Don't poke fun at the fat kid. He'll kick ya in the face. Literally. And break your glasses.

2. Over filling the gas tank, created a spray of gas in my crotch.

3. It may not be good, running the ironhead in 105+ degree hot hot heat. For the short 180 miles back, cherry ran great. Of course, we stopped for awhile at every tank to let her cool down.

4. There's nothing like a puking/pissing rally on a grain bin.

5. In my case, the chain guard keeps oil off of the rear tire. The guard snapped a few weeks ago and I said fuckit and left it off. Now I have half dry/half oily rear tire. Not sure if this is a big deal. We'll find out.

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