Monday, June 27, 2011


from somewhere on the internet, during my daily blogstalking. It's hard for me, finding a bobber/short-chop/bike whatever you want to call it, that looks the way I like and HAS REAR SHOCKS. Long story short, I have fucked up back. A steel back to be exact. I'm sure it's an expensive back, and I'm a broke ass. Anyways. Credit to whoever this is. I like. Alot.


  1. If you like that one, check out our blog bad monkey finger. The swingarm shovel with red sporty tank is mine. I think you might also like it...

  2. I checked it out man, its great, I think first on my list is some shorter shocks for sure. The seat mounting is super clean on that bike, I'd like to do something like that or even with the rear fender and a huge ass sissy bar for bags and longer trips.