Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Night Rider

The lady and I saddled up probably at about 8pm last sunday. Its a pretty short ride home, about 200 miles. We left later than we expected though and ran into more than we expected. Before leaving, one of my rear tire adjusters was loose, no clue how, and the rear brake pedal kept sticking. I got it fixed and we hit the road. We decided to take backroads (the ironhead's not exactly an interstate super speed machine) all the way home. Riding through the middle of nowhere, through trees by lake perry, keeping north of I-70. Here is what I learned:
1. Chains should be adjusted with 1/2" of play. This INCLUDES the total weight of rider/passenger etc. More weight tensions chain. Chain too tight results in a fucking annoying clicking sound and well... it just fucks a chain. By stretching it out. I'm not looking forward to replacing this chain. Actually I'm just not looking forward to spending $$$ on a chain. fuck.

2. Bright lights are good. Tagging onto a car to use their brake lights as headlights, at about 75, on backroads, during high winds, pitch black storm weather and lighting, fucking sucks. With a passenger that is. Alone, it would have been a hell of alot cooler. I'm going to eventually do some light modding on the ironhead. The stock light just doesn't cut it. Not for riding around with the lady.

3. Being completely away from civilization for awhile makes you appreciate the city just as being in the city makes you appreciate getting away. Atleast that's how I feel about this.

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