Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life Lesson.

I haven't posted in awhile and my posts have been pretty scarce so I'll explain kind of briefly....

I read a post awhile back on the kemosabe blog, on the cost of living. I've been thinkin' on that topic for awhile, maybe too much. I've started my first "real," job recently, with an apartment, bills, the city, the real big boy stuff now and although I'm no old wise man, nor smart by any means, I think I can safely say that livin' ain't so easy. I mean, I can't for one second, bitch about my job now, it's great, the pay is average and well, it pays the bills. I mean, it does pay for bills 'n booze so I can't complain too much, but I am missing a couple of things right now. The motorcycle (in pieces at a different location) and a garage. With no money to spend on either, I haven't really had much to blog about. Maybe I should be happier with less, maybe I should just be patient about this motorcycle thing. Maybe I've been thinking about my dream shovel chopper too often. I'm thinking that my idle hands, with nothing to do, are what's driving me a little bit crazy sometimes. Anyways, some things are certain to come in the future - kids, marriage, retirement, bikes, other hobbies, family stuff, and ya know, just like everyone else, I ask myself if I'll really have enough to make my family/myself happy in the long run, cause money can be a real bitch sometimes and being a tightwad can really suck sometimes. So I've come to a decision....

I have an option to go to some more schooling. While working my 40 a week. We're talking probably 6 years if I take classes atleast 4 nights a week. Could be a little less, could be a hell of alot more. The pay off is that after schooling, and my current job, I could be rolling in the dough so to speak. Not millionaire rich or anything, but plenty to go spend without thinking about it too much.

At the moment, I'm pretty much right on the fence. School sounds great, it would be nice to move up a position, it would be nice I'm thinking now to have that kind of responsibility at work. To be able to take on projects myself, to really have a hand, an influence in the way certain things are built. On the other hand I feel a tad bit bad for leaning towards a position of more power. Like perhaps I'm becoming greedy in a sense, I should be happy enough not being a boss of someone right? I should be happy enough being the low man on the totem pole? If I do continue this school thing, I can pretty much kiss most of my social life from age 22-28 goodbye. But hell, my as-blue-collar-as-it-gets parents raised my brother and I, livin' from paycheck to paycheck, what's to say that I can't do the same right? But that was in a town of 100, now I'm in a town with a metropolitan population of roughly 2 million, living in a mostly white collar world. Things are a little different here.

If you made it this far, congratulations. I didn't think it would take that long, and I don't feel like I really presented the whole deal, even with that many words. Needless to say, I predict that my posts will be few and far between for awhile, until I make that decision.

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