Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Another kickass KC weekend, Halloween in the usual Westport/Midtown. Friends, beer, shenanigans, experiences. Couldn't have asked for a better time. I uploaded these pics weird, in chronological order they start from the bottom of this post, most recent pic is this one right below. Enjoy.

3:00am, sunday morning, dancin' with a girl painted white (notice the shit on my hat), buzzed, sweating my ass off, and a huge goofy grin on. Good times. I stole a few drinks, ended up with a cowboy hat, blown up microphone, witches hat, and jagerbomb, all of which weren't mine to begin with. Tried to break up a fight between the emo kiss chicks and the dodgeball sorority girls. Watched an old man, "priest," choke a dude. Brushed some dirt off of some "brothah's," shoulder's in some rap music dance contest. Showed off some of my own pathetic moves. Pissed in the nicest trailer bathroom in the world. Watched Avatar and Pocahontas having some form of sex/dancing at the same time.
Moonlight, clear skies and late night truckers on the interstate accompanied me home. I made it there safe, sleepin' by 4:15. Lifes about havin' an experience, I'm tryin' to have a few. I guess next time someone asks, "Hey what's up?", I don't have to say, "The same old shit man."

And hittin' it again.

Night two. Saturday. At The Bronx pizza.

These girls, no idea who they were, apparently wanted my leathers/hat. So I gave in to see what would happen. They're teachers and they ruled.

She was lookin' ultra fine. Would be a much better pic if her hat wasn't in the way.

The Zero's! Some 90's band, no idea who they are, but they did good.

Apparently there was some costume party/band over at the Brooksiders that we somehow ended up at. I got alot of the, "nice biker costume man." At first I was like, "nah it was just a cold fuckin' ride and I'm comfortable in my leathers, I rode etc etc." I eventually gave up on it and just started sayin' "yeah thanks dude."

Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer. Funny dudes.

Pool w/ some friends down at Fric 'N Fracs.
Headin' out on the scoot, about 6ish Friday. Traffic's backed up on 435, another wreck.

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