Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Morning.

Went down to the West Bottoms this morning for a tire. Since moving to KC, I've been lookin' hard for a good shop, that'll work on my bike, not screw me over and possibly find some more chill people to ride with. I found it today, its a shop called Cafe Racer and the dudes there are awesome, excellent service all around. I walked in they were more than happy to just let me walk around the shop, bs with the guys while they worked on my shit, and other projects they had goin on, and just hang out for awhile. Alot of different bikes came in, everything, and they were more than happy to work on peoples stuff. Custom cruiser, cafe racer, ducati, norton, harley, vintage bikes, they did it all. So I milled around, talkin' to riders from all walks of life, everyone was real cool and I did find some dudes to ride with. I'm gonna put in a word for 'em here, if you're ever in the KC area and are looking for a good shop, this is the place to be. Charles (ducati, sportbike specialist guy) was changin' my tire and dan was runnin' the shop at the time, some good dudes. If you need anything, give them a call! So here's some pics I took....enjoy!


  1. now they got some seriously cool shit there!

  2. Yeah they do, and they had more bikes too of course, but I was too busy checkin' em out and completely forgot to take more pics!