Thursday, August 5, 2010

6 weeks.


Pardon my language. I've been wanting to say that all day. I work in an office now, well for 6 more weeks anyways. Using nice language all the time takes more work than I thought it would.


Just letting you know. I'm not going to be religiously updating the blog as I have been lately. I'm guessing that I'll be lucky to be able to update once a week, for the next six weeks. As you may know, after my recent graduation, the job hunt has not been going so good. So, a good friend of mine found me a job at his company, while the person that normally works here, is on maternity leave.

6 weeks. Few updates. I shall return.

The pics a bit old, and yes. chaps. Those red chaps on the chick to the left are pretty freakin' sweet.



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