Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roadside Swagger

I've done it now! Finally got me a blog, obviously. Roadside Swagger, kinda goofy but it gets the job done.

Pronunciation: \ˈswa-gər\
Function: verb
Swagger, among us young whippersnappers anyways is about a person. In my personal defininition anyways, it's not about arrogance or cockiness. Its the way a person is, a way someone carries themselves.

Whether you're a Gangsta', Nerd, Biker, Redneck or whatever you consider yourself, you've got it to some degree. In my case, it's hard to explain, you'll find pieces here.

I've got a love for two wheeled machines that runs deep in my blood as it does my family's. Thats mostly what this is about. Bikes, shenanigans and anything else that ties into the "swagger," of it all. Man thats a funny word thinkin' about it.

George Hanson: What's "dude"? Is that like "dude ranch"?
Captain America: "Dude" means nice guy. "Dude" means a regular sort of person.

Based in small town, Kansas. This is Roadside "Swagger". Enjoy!

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