Friday, June 25, 2010

On Facebook.

A friend of mine wrote this note on Facebook. I figured I'd share it.

"Sick of everyone complaining about the oil industry, then hopping in their cars to drive around and go buy stuff that was produced and shipped to stores and their houses - using guess what - oil.

Sick of not being able to go anywhere, even DRIVE anywhere, without seeing everyone staring at their cell phones. I have to commute almost 30 minutes to go to Wal-Mart. In that amount of time it is frightening how many people swerve over into my lane - not paying attention - while texting.

Sick of hearing about Facebook every where I go. I cannot escape it, it is impossible to not hear about it. I can't tell anyone anything that they haven't heard before. I can't have a conversation with anyone about nothing I haven't already heard about. Thinking about quitting. For real.

Sick of giving everything I possibly can to someone and not being appreciated. From current and past experiences I have learned that the more I give the less I am respected.

Sick of spec design work. I don't take my car to the shop and tell the mechanic, "If you can fix it and I drive around for a month and everything seems fine, THEN I'll pay you. But if something sounds a little different but is otherwise fully functional I don't think I should have to pay."

Sick of all these green environmentalists blogging, writing and otherwise complaining about how unclean we Americans are, yet they are writing all of this shit on COMPUTERS which contain enough chemicals and E-WASTE to wipe out a city block worth of life in a rain forest. Meanwhile, they are writing all of this in their offices and houses which were built out of natural resources with heavy equipment that guess what - use OIL.

Sick of people that are Antihomophobic, Antiracist, Antithis and Antithat. Example: If a person is gay or pro gay rights and HATES homophobes...Guess what, THEY'RE NO BETTER.

Sick of relying on my e-mail to accumulate work to pay my bills, to accumulate better equipment and to pay more bills. Thinking about dropping everything and just..."walking the earth."

Sick of the radio. Specifically, sick of music that isn't from the heart. I can always FEEL when a song is from the heart, and I haven't heard anything on the radio that has this feeling in a very, very, very long time.

Sick of everyone taking pictures of themselves. Sick of everyone wanting to be models. Sick of never being able to go anywhere ever again without the chance of me being in the background of somebody's new Facebook photo they took on their cell phone.

Sick of tattoos. It is more unique and individual for people to NOT have tattoos or body modification any more. How sick is that?

Sick of people being brainwashed into thinking they have certain disorders, illnesses or conditions to where they they feel they have to take drugs. We're human beings, we're not perfect creatures. Unless a person has something incredibly serious or life threatening, they don't need all these drugs...they need to go outside and get a reality check.

Sick of politics. 99% talk, 1% action. Sometimes I wish I lived some where or in some time that the only "decision" that needs to be made is which members of the tribe are going to hunt, kill and cook our food for the night. The Native Americans had a pretty clear view of life if you ask me.

Sick of fucking everything."

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