Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another weekend.

Put on some miles with mom 'n pops this weekend. Usually he starts with, "pick a direction." This time I said south, so south it was, went down to Manhattan and Wamego, had a few. Then headed over to Blue Rapids (7r's bar and grill) and hung out there for awhile. Not a good day for a ride today though, thunderstorms and flash flooding. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Our new addition to the family - Tigger the kitty.
Its okay Tigger, we've all felt your pain. Hangover's suck.

Dad found this hole in the wall chop shop walkin' out of the bar, had no idea it was there before. Pretty cool place, but to me, all chop shops are cool. Found a frame they were tryin' to sell me, it wasn't a bad deal but it wasn't a rigid either. Someday I'll find what I'm lookin' for.

If you're ever in the Manhattan, KS area, RC Mcgraws has a bike night every other wednesday and after talkin' to the folks over there, they apparently alternate wednesday bike nights with Lincoln Street Station over in Wamego.

The world through my orange tinted, shades. A buddy of mine left 'em at my house, figured I'd steal 'em and see how it is ridin' orange. They're actually pretty cool ridin' in the afternoon or morning but if you're headin' into the sun, they just magnify the light, blinding you.

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