Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 411: Bikes and Me.

Heres what I ride now, the '07 Kawasaki Vulcan 900. Its a great bike, It's a smooth friggin ride, and comin up on 26000 miles, I haven't had a single problem. BUT. Its not me, for now, this is what I ride. Technically, it's my old man's "other bike." Let me try to explain this a little bit better for you folks. I WANT TO BUILD A CHOPPER. Thats about it right there. In the worst way ever, I don't think a single person wants this as bad as I do. Seriously. It really is an ongoing obsession of mine, but with the way things are working out right now, I can't do that. My background is in metal fabrication and welding and I understand the kind of work that a person puts into something, with their own two hands, that it becomes a part of themselves. Its hard to explain. I can't have that with this bike. Don't get me wrong here, I love having a motorcycle itself but man I want to build a chopper. Not the showy, shiny, chromified show bike, but one that's not perfect. Something that I can say that I built, or took part in building. Something that's me.

Ever read The Horse or Cycle Source? I can't remember which mag it was but Josh Kurpius (my motorcycle idol) wrote an article titled "Josh Kurpius On the Definition of a Chopper." If you get a chance to, look back a couple mags and read it. Its definetly worth it. That whole issue is worth the read.

I like taking the backroads, taking the bikes out camping, beating the shit out of my ride to have a good time. Yeah I do like spending time in the garage, hangin out, havin a few beers and workin on my shit. I want to build a bike that is me, to put hours into the little things on it, just cause. My build wouldn't be perfect, it will never run or ride as good as the vulcan but it would be me and to me, that's better than perfect.

So of course I'm stuck on craigslist all the time looking for wrecked bikes, anything, even just a frame or just an engine. I want a shovel in the worst way. I've always stood out a bit and a long, stretched out chopper with the kingqueen seat, sissybar reaching into the sky, laid back with six bend bars is perfection to me. I could write on this for hours, days about choppers and chopper culture but A. I'm no chopper master...yet. and B. I couldn't cover all of it in writing.

The build as it sits now. I guess this is another use for the term "magazine builder." I'll never have enough to buy all those parts but I could build most of them. I'd rather have it that way anyways.

Thats not me now, that back when I was playin drums in college, (an experience that didn't turn out well, but thats another story for another time). Anyways, yeah I've always stood out for some reason.

Thats my rant for the day. Keep checkin. I may just find that beautiful shovel, waiting patiently for me in a salvage yard or somebody's garage, long forgotten. It'll come, I've just got to work on this patience thing.

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