Friday, June 25, 2010

On Facebook.

A friend of mine wrote this note on Facebook. I figured I'd share it.

"Sick of everyone complaining about the oil industry, then hopping in their cars to drive around and go buy stuff that was produced and shipped to stores and their houses - using guess what - oil.

Sick of not being able to go anywhere, even DRIVE anywhere, without seeing everyone staring at their cell phones. I have to commute almost 30 minutes to go to Wal-Mart. In that amount of time it is frightening how many people swerve over into my lane - not paying attention - while texting.

Sick of hearing about Facebook every where I go. I cannot escape it, it is impossible to not hear about it. I can't tell anyone anything that they haven't heard before. I can't have a conversation with anyone about nothing I haven't already heard about. Thinking about quitting. For real.

Sick of giving everything I possibly can to someone and not being appreciated. From current and past experiences I have learned that the more I give the less I am respected.

Sick of spec design work. I don't take my car to the shop and tell the mechanic, "If you can fix it and I drive around for a month and everything seems fine, THEN I'll pay you. But if something sounds a little different but is otherwise fully functional I don't think I should have to pay."

Sick of all these green environmentalists blogging, writing and otherwise complaining about how unclean we Americans are, yet they are writing all of this shit on COMPUTERS which contain enough chemicals and E-WASTE to wipe out a city block worth of life in a rain forest. Meanwhile, they are writing all of this in their offices and houses which were built out of natural resources with heavy equipment that guess what - use OIL.

Sick of people that are Antihomophobic, Antiracist, Antithis and Antithat. Example: If a person is gay or pro gay rights and HATES homophobes...Guess what, THEY'RE NO BETTER.

Sick of relying on my e-mail to accumulate work to pay my bills, to accumulate better equipment and to pay more bills. Thinking about dropping everything and just..."walking the earth."

Sick of the radio. Specifically, sick of music that isn't from the heart. I can always FEEL when a song is from the heart, and I haven't heard anything on the radio that has this feeling in a very, very, very long time.

Sick of everyone taking pictures of themselves. Sick of everyone wanting to be models. Sick of never being able to go anywhere ever again without the chance of me being in the background of somebody's new Facebook photo they took on their cell phone.

Sick of tattoos. It is more unique and individual for people to NOT have tattoos or body modification any more. How sick is that?

Sick of people being brainwashed into thinking they have certain disorders, illnesses or conditions to where they they feel they have to take drugs. We're human beings, we're not perfect creatures. Unless a person has something incredibly serious or life threatening, they don't need all these drugs...they need to go outside and get a reality check.

Sick of politics. 99% talk, 1% action. Sometimes I wish I lived some where or in some time that the only "decision" that needs to be made is which members of the tribe are going to hunt, kill and cook our food for the night. The Native Americans had a pretty clear view of life if you ask me.

Sick of fucking everything."


Rednecks. Sometimes I gotta hate 'em but things like this are always nice, lookin' out for one another.

Went fishin' with some good friends of mine. good times.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Local Music

I don't know about you guys, but I like music. I heard through Facebook that a local highschool kid and his buddies were promoting their band on the town square (Its a town of about 1500, the square is where all the kids go on the weekends) by selling some wristbands. It's nice to see these kids out following their passion and working to get the word out. It wasn't much, 2 bucks but hey its for a righteous cause. Support local music.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Yep, I've got it.
First I had to relocate the horn, it was hanging from the top of the radiator originally.
Then cut out some of Mr. Skullface to make it fit. It came off of pops Kawasaki Meanstreak that he totaled recently. And the finished product.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Man I love getting new tools. I can think of plenty of times I've said, "I should get a Dremel tool to do that." I never did and finally caved in the other day to buy this. I cannot explain how happy this new tool make me, I'll post pics later of work done w/ the dremel tool.


Dad went for a ride this weekend and shot these pics. He stopped over at Henry's chop shop in Frankfort, Kansas, just checked the place out, talked bikes and drooled a little I'm sure.
Henry's Knuckle.
Dad loved the stance of this one, I've wondered how seein' over the tank works, on a bike like that.

Just found this on the camera, I don't know anything about this one. Harley powered golf cart? Hell yeah.

At the garage.

Its small but its a hell of a lot better than doin' work in the dirt. My old man and I spent alot of time in here growin' up.
Pops, on the right, having a few beers, winding down after another day at the factory.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Got this picture while going through some of the old posts on the Church of Choppers Blog. Not my picture at all, so remember to check out the CoC blog folks. Anyways, this is one original, handy tattoo. Good shit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

For the record.

This does not work. Chopped up an old bicycle chain to try it, and its a tangled mess. Always.This on the other hand, works. For some reason I alway lose my primary bottle opener, my lighter. I know theres a million different ways to open pry-off lids but I figured I'd try this one.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Check it.

If you're readin' this and somehow you've never checked out the Church of Choppers blog (CoC), check it out. Yeah I keep up on their blog, but the coolest part is definetly the interviews. Whether you're into bikes or not, this interview with Trevelen's pretty good. Read the post here.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another weekend.

Put on some miles with mom 'n pops this weekend. Usually he starts with, "pick a direction." This time I said south, so south it was, went down to Manhattan and Wamego, had a few. Then headed over to Blue Rapids (7r's bar and grill) and hung out there for awhile. Not a good day for a ride today though, thunderstorms and flash flooding. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Our new addition to the family - Tigger the kitty.
Its okay Tigger, we've all felt your pain. Hangover's suck.

Dad found this hole in the wall chop shop walkin' out of the bar, had no idea it was there before. Pretty cool place, but to me, all chop shops are cool. Found a frame they were tryin' to sell me, it wasn't a bad deal but it wasn't a rigid either. Someday I'll find what I'm lookin' for.

If you're ever in the Manhattan, KS area, RC Mcgraws has a bike night every other wednesday and after talkin' to the folks over there, they apparently alternate wednesday bike nights with Lincoln Street Station over in Wamego.

The world through my orange tinted, shades. A buddy of mine left 'em at my house, figured I'd steal 'em and see how it is ridin' orange. They're actually pretty cool ridin' in the afternoon or morning but if you're headin' into the sun, they just magnify the light, blinding you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rocket Man!

They have called me the RocketMan. My lid - I'm not a full time lid wearer but occasionally I'll have it on, and when it's not, its usually strapped to the bars. Cool lid fact? - It was my old man's first lid, back in the 70's. Looks pretty good for bein' 40+ years old and having been down many, many times.

With the Red Baron goggles, love these things.

Memory foam cut from a mattress and an old t-shirt + glue, makes for great padding.

DOT certified? Why yes, it is.
I'll have this lid for a long, long time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My first.

About 6 years ago, at 15 I got my first bike, I'm glad I still have a picture of it. Its a 1980 Yamaha 400 Special. Man I felt like the biggest badass in the world on that bike. Eventually flat blacked it and welded on some highway pegs lol. I don't have it anymore but maybe someday I'll try to find it. I put plenty of miles on it and now that I think of it, I probably looked goofy as fuck with the green lid and leathers, but hey I was havin a hell of a time on that bike. Good times.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 411: Bikes and Me.

Heres what I ride now, the '07 Kawasaki Vulcan 900. Its a great bike, It's a smooth friggin ride, and comin up on 26000 miles, I haven't had a single problem. BUT. Its not me, for now, this is what I ride. Technically, it's my old man's "other bike." Let me try to explain this a little bit better for you folks. I WANT TO BUILD A CHOPPER. Thats about it right there. In the worst way ever, I don't think a single person wants this as bad as I do. Seriously. It really is an ongoing obsession of mine, but with the way things are working out right now, I can't do that. My background is in metal fabrication and welding and I understand the kind of work that a person puts into something, with their own two hands, that it becomes a part of themselves. Its hard to explain. I can't have that with this bike. Don't get me wrong here, I love having a motorcycle itself but man I want to build a chopper. Not the showy, shiny, chromified show bike, but one that's not perfect. Something that I can say that I built, or took part in building. Something that's me.

Ever read The Horse or Cycle Source? I can't remember which mag it was but Josh Kurpius (my motorcycle idol) wrote an article titled "Josh Kurpius On the Definition of a Chopper." If you get a chance to, look back a couple mags and read it. Its definetly worth it. That whole issue is worth the read.

I like taking the backroads, taking the bikes out camping, beating the shit out of my ride to have a good time. Yeah I do like spending time in the garage, hangin out, havin a few beers and workin on my shit. I want to build a bike that is me, to put hours into the little things on it, just cause. My build wouldn't be perfect, it will never run or ride as good as the vulcan but it would be me and to me, that's better than perfect.

So of course I'm stuck on craigslist all the time looking for wrecked bikes, anything, even just a frame or just an engine. I want a shovel in the worst way. I've always stood out a bit and a long, stretched out chopper with the kingqueen seat, sissybar reaching into the sky, laid back with six bend bars is perfection to me. I could write on this for hours, days about choppers and chopper culture but A. I'm no chopper master...yet. and B. I couldn't cover all of it in writing.

The build as it sits now. I guess this is another use for the term "magazine builder." I'll never have enough to buy all those parts but I could build most of them. I'd rather have it that way anyways.

Thats not me now, that back when I was playin drums in college, (an experience that didn't turn out well, but thats another story for another time). Anyways, yeah I've always stood out for some reason.

Thats my rant for the day. Keep checkin. I may just find that beautiful shovel, waiting patiently for me in a salvage yard or somebody's garage, long forgotten. It'll come, I've just got to work on this patience thing.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain sucks.

Went on another ride today of course, what else is there to do when you don't have anything to do right? I like pictures so heres the pictoral summary of today for you folks.....

Saw the rain comin!

Got prepared for the rain. Bring it on rain!

Pulled the bike in the garage, saw this old thing sittin in the corner, I think it looks good on the bike. I'll have to make some mounts for this baby.

The computer station, wrote this entry for the blog with my trusty side kick tigger.

Had a couple beers with the old man, beers about out though! Good old Blue Moon with an orange slice, pretty good shit, but nothin like Red Stripe, my favorite beer of all time I must say.

Ridin' Dirty

About a foot from the saddlebag. Almost stuck a knee in an old used condom, just sittin there on the side of a random dirt road. I guess that would be ridin' dirty. Kansas style.

Country Cruisin'

Sorry Buick Century. Parking like that does not make you a bike.

Roadside Swagger

I've done it now! Finally got me a blog, obviously. Roadside Swagger, kinda goofy but it gets the job done.

Pronunciation: \ˈswa-gər\
Function: verb
Swagger, among us young whippersnappers anyways is about a person. In my personal defininition anyways, it's not about arrogance or cockiness. Its the way a person is, a way someone carries themselves.

Whether you're a Gangsta', Nerd, Biker, Redneck or whatever you consider yourself, you've got it to some degree. In my case, it's hard to explain, you'll find pieces here.

I've got a love for two wheeled machines that runs deep in my blood as it does my family's. Thats mostly what this is about. Bikes, shenanigans and anything else that ties into the "swagger," of it all. Man thats a funny word thinkin' about it.

George Hanson: What's "dude"? Is that like "dude ranch"?
Captain America: "Dude" means nice guy. "Dude" means a regular sort of person.

Based in small town, Kansas. This is Roadside "Swagger". Enjoy!